Prior to establishing the Good Realty Group, LLC, its President, Sheldon F. Good, was chairman and CEO of the real estate auction and commercial brokerage company that bears his name. He successfully managed Sheldon F. Good & Company for some 36 years before he sold the firm to an employee group.* More than 700 sales people in 26 states were affiliated with his company before the sale. And for more than a decade before he founded Sheldon F. Good & Company, Sheldon F. Good was the leading producer of a full-service real estate brokerage company, the oldest real estate company in Chicago.

Now, commercial real estate brokerage clients of the Good Realty Group, LLC can tap into this expertise gained over five decades to help them identify and solve management challenges within their own real estate brokerage offices. Good Realty Group, LLC partners with its commercial real estate company clients to determine how clients can better run their real estate offices and meet their pre-determined sales objectives.

Good Realty Group, LLC evaluates internal operations, particularly the sales, property marketing and new business development functions. They examine data and documents and interview key staff, and then recommend adjustments in the client’s approach, techniques or procedures.

They also advise commercial real estate brokerage  clients about a host of human resources concerns, ranging from staff recruitment, selection, training and compensation to motivation and retention. During his three decades of ownership of Sheldon F. Good & Company, Sheldon F. Good took great pride in the fact that he personally trained nearly every sales professional in his organization.

“As a student at the University of Illinois @ Urbana-Chanpaign, I was mesmerized by a Chicago real estate entrepreneur who spoke to us about 'Careers in Real Estate.' His name was Sheldon F. Good. He later hired and trained me to become a stellar real estate sales professional for his company and I soon rose through the ranks of Sheldon F. Good & Company to become president of its Real Estate Auctions subsidiary. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor or employer!”

Gordon J. Greene, principal, Hanna Chartwell Commercial Real Estate