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Illinois Athletic Club Sold to Art Institute of Chicago

Illinois Athletic Club Sold to Art Institute of Chicago

For brokerage clients, Good Realty Group, LLC assists them with listing techniques and agreements, hammering out real estate contracts, market analysis, valuations, marketing plans, dealing with buyers and insuring successful closings.

Sheldon F. Good, president of the Good Realty Group, LLC, has generated more than $8 billion in worldwide real estate sales during his long and celebrated career. The commercial brokerage he owned until 2001* gained a reputation as “the buyer finders” because they concentrated solely on finding buyers for commercial property sellers. They were not developers, property managers or syndicators.

Notable Chicago Area Property Deals

In Chicago, some of Sheldon F. Good’s more notable and challenging commercial property deals have included:

  1. Land at the corner of State and Madison streets under a national landmark building which housed the former flagship store of Carson, Pirie, Scott & Company. The Field Museum of Natural History retained Sheldon F. Good & Company to sell the land;
  2. 20-year lease of Chicago’s famed Pump Room restaurant to Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises;
  3. Illinois Athletic Club sold to the Art Institute of Chicago to be used for its school;
  4. Hundreds of properties for the U.S. League of Savings Institutions (national trade association for S&Ls and community banks later called America’s Community Bankers); and the
  5. Chicago Coliseum and adjoining parking lots.