Valuing his role as a real estate innovator, highly successful entrepreneur and industry leader for the past five decades [LEARN MORE], dozens of real estate, financial services, government and university groups have invited Sheldon F. Good to speak at their events. They particularly enjoy the charismatic, motivational and entertaining style of an industry icon who delights in sharing some of the tips to his success.

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Some of the real estate, financial services and government groups Sheldon F. Good has addressed include the:

  • National Association of Realtors’ CCIMs (Certified Commercial Investment Members);
  • National Association of Realtors’ Real Estate Counselors;
  • National Association of Realtors’ Women’s Council;
  • Missouri Auction School;
  • Resolution Trust Corporation;
  • FDIC;

“…a captivating speaker who has a superb delivery and conveys his own passion and enthusiasm in every speech to every audience.”

–Nestor R. Weigand, CEO, JP Weigand & Sons; past president, National Association of Realtors; and past world president of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI)

“…Our deepest gratitude for your recent visit to campus and participation in the Cornell University Real Estate Industry Seminar series. It truly was the highlight of the semester for our students, and inspiring for them to see what one can aspire to and accomplish in this industry.

“Your story is inspiring, and particularly impressive for our students to recognize that one can achieve prominence, indeed become an iconic figure in the real estate industry, through hard work and discipline as you so vividly illustrated. It was effective the way you interspersed your personal anecdotes and insights with the video, which helped provide a view into how auctions are conducted….”

–David Funk, director, Baker Program in Real Estate, Cornell University

Shares Lessons from $8 Billion in Real Estate Sales

Sheldon F. Good has generated more than $8 billion in real estate property sales in just about every asset class. During his long and celebrated career, he has personally sold thousands of properties at auction and through conventional marketing techniques. He shares lessons and insights from many of those experiences with his audience.

Speech Topics Reveal Secrets Behind His Success

Sponsors of industry events have invited Sheldon F. Good to reveal some of the secrets behind his remarkable success. Some of his speech topics include:

  1. Doing Business Around the World With Those You Know, Like And Trust;
  2. Developing a Trusted Brand;
  3. Cultivating a Reputation as the Go-to, Real Estate Problem Solver;
  4. Understanding Real Estate Auctions – A New Twist,”
  5. The Real Estate Auction Trend: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow;
  6. Real Estate Auctions as a Real Estate Marketing Tool;
  7. Real Estate Listing Techniques That Work;
  8. Closing Sales at Real Estate Auctions;
  9. Efficient Disposition of Real Estate Assets;
  10. Real Estate Auctions: Case Studies; and
  11. Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Retaining Top Real Estate Salespeople.

Motivates Students at Leading Universities

In addition to addressing executives of real estate, financial services and governmental organizations, Sheldon F. Good truly enjoys every opportunity he receives to speak to students. He motivates business, real estate and law students at some of the nation’s leading universities to pursue careers in real estate and helps them to connect with real estate professionals around the nation.

Sheldon F. Good has addressed student audiences at:

  • Harvard University;
  • Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management;
  • University of Chicago;
  • Cornell University Baker Program in Real Estate;
  • Stanford University;
  • Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania;
  • Vanderbilt University Law School;
  • UCLA;
  • University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign and Chicago campuses);
  • NYU; and
  • The John Marshall Law School Center for Real Estate Law.

Invite Sheldon F. Good to Address Your Group

To learn more about Sheldon F. Good’s speaking topics, availability and fees, please use the contact form at the side of the page, or contact him directly:

Phone: 312.841.1500

“Thousands of university students…have benefited directly and indirectly from Sheldon F. Good’s significant contributions to universities, student learning and campus life.”

–Andrew S. Borans, executive director of the AEPi Foundation

“At our recent convention in Las Vegas, Sheldon F. Good’s session on the real estate industry was indeed the most popular, and many, many students expressed how he was their favorite speaker and asked him numerous questions about real estate, marketing and entrepreneurship.”

–Jay S. Feldman, managing director, Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation

“…Thank you again for your informative lecture to our law students with an interest in commercial real estate. In our programs for law students for lawyers we have stressed the importance of understanding the business perspective of clients. “

–Celeste M. Hammond, director, The John Marshall Law School Center for Real Estate Law